The Name “Thy Voice of Healing”

Know Thy Voice, for it is always heard by Thy Self....

Thy Voice

Why The Name "Thy Voice of Healing?

The Body is what we have, it is with which we exist. The striking differences between a Human and an Animal are, ability to think, act of compassion, forbearance and ability to differentiate. All these are processed by the help of Mind and it all begins and happens with an unconscious voice which is yours, which is Thy Voice (Your Inner Voice). There is always you listening to Thy Voice, no matter what it is. The decisions good, bad, right or wrong, every choice is Thy Voice speaking to you.

Thy Voice is the purest and clear self. It always wants to guide you for what gives you eternal joy. It is working hard to reach you, it is always in connect with you. All it takes is to uncover the sheets that you have unconsciously placed on it. All it takes is to Believe,that you have Thy Voice, to trust it and let go. A healer, A therapist, a friend or an enemy, a parent or the child, all voices are Thine. It is Thy Voice present always with different roles, guiding you always, making you seek or sometimes making you doubt too! There can be clutter outside but, when the clutter begins inside, Thy Voice is unheard, and doubted, it gets clouded, it is neglected and not considered. 

Thy Voice of Healing is all about you connecting to your on inner consciousness that is always available for you. Very few make sincere attempts to connect to Thy Voice. If efforts are sincere, then you have succeeded. Then you will need no therapy, no healing because, You are now connected to your purest consciousness! and it will take care of the journey. At Thy Voice of Healing we stand with experiences of many who have connected to a Personal Voice which is within them. All our efforts are to leave you empowered with your internal connect, your messenger and your guide who knows everything, with Thy Voice.

We here at Thy Voice of Healing are present to Empower individuals and work to connect each with Self. When each of us are connected to our internal voice, there will exist no clutter outside, earth becomes a happy and loving dimension to exist. All our efforts here at Thy Voice of  Healing is to thrive towards Client Empowerment, Client Wellness and Transforming Shifts in Client rather that mere change. 

We are Delighted to have you here at Thy Voice of Healing, A Centre for Your Wellness and Transformation. Join us for Your empowerment, healing and Transformation.