Anxiety disorder - Nithya (Name Changed), 23 yrs, Chittor, Andhra Pradesh

I consulted Mukund Nayak in 2016 regarding anxiety caused by the Misophonia (Noisy Eating) experienced by me. I had severe difficulty regarding this issue. I used to be extremely anxious and hurt myself when I hear that particular sound. I have been going through this since my childhood, it was unreasonable anger and anxiety that bothered me.

had only 2 sessions of therapy where he completely analysed the problem and all the possible possibilities. He explained me in a calm way that it is natural and he sorted it out with in two sessions.He started the therapy with the explanation of healing points and therapy, he analysed and wrote down each point I explained about the problem and explained me about the mind how it works and stores the incidents into subconscious mind.

He taught me to control anxiety with the healing points and to control anger. In the next session through therapy he removed the anger and the agony which was built in my mind from very tender age and replaced it with the sweet and special memories with trigger, of touching my hair (since it has been my habit unconsciously). I feel good about myself and the chomping sound doesn't bother me anymore.

And the result of the therapy is quite obvious that my anxiety is controlled and it doesn't bother me anymore. And I can get along with people in spite of the noise eating. I am glad about that change within me due to the therapy. I never thought that I would ever be able to get over this in my life.

Thanks a lot Mukund

Past Life Regression for Clarity - Komal (Name Changed), 33 yrs, Bangalore

Hello Mukund,

What I felt and experienced. Before I met Mukund, I was very skeptical about the entire process of past life. I dint know if I could get even hypnotised. Though, I had been to many therapists before, I was comfortable with Mukund. I could share everything with him and trust me, only with that I felt LIGHT. It requires trust and faith, and with Mukund I could do that. He immediately made me feel comfortable and I easily experienced hypnotic state, which created shifts in my life.

I had certain questions in my life for which I never thought anyone could answer, am sure many will have it too (WHY ME?). But, I later realised that I had answers within me. Mukund helped me see THAT past life where I got an instant answer for all my questions. Now I can understand my life so well, everything is clear, and the greatest thing I learnt from all this was to respect this life and to be thankful for whatever I have.

There are many turning points in life, where others will be responsible or influence that change in your life, well; Mukund made me feel so. I feel he is one of them who was sent by God to change my life!

I am so grateful for him from the bottom of my heart. I wish everyone has this experience in life and be thankful for everything that they have. Wishing him great success for his service towards humanity and enlightening them. Society needs people like him. Continue doing the same.

P.S - Mukund , you were meant to do this !!!
Thanks and best regards,

Lack of Clarity and Feeling Stuck - Anil (Name Changed), 25 yrs, Bangalore

Dear Mukunda,

I'm happy to give the testimonial for the Hypnotherapy sessions undergone with you, I came with the problem of feeling stuck in life and not progressing up the ladder in life. I started feeling very positive immediately after the very first session itself and the hurdles I was facing started to disappear and lots of positivity engulfed me, progress was made in the direction of my future plans (going abroad to do my Phd).

Another important thing which benefited me was the affirmations. It made my confidence go up to a great extent. Environment around me started responding in a manner which uplifted my actions. Before the sessions I used to feel pessimistic to undertake any activity. Thinking of getting "No" from other end would be my state of mind. But, now I'm not afraid of that. I'm ready to face the life in a manner which is positive, constructive, optimistic and confident in nature.

There is so much clarity in life and approach towards it has completely changed, and I feel, it is because of the sessions and the process of healing which happened thereafter. I'm really grateful for that. I have even manifested a reality of going abroad to do my Phd.

Inability to Walk and Low Energy - Vindhya (Name Changed), 50 yrs, Bangalore

I entered therapy with not many expectations as I had never worked with a hypnotherapist before. I just wanted to feel better, mostly physically.  After talking to Mukund the large goal I set was to be able to heal myself, walk again and to discover what was blocking my energies. I wanted to discover the causes for my problems and become aware.

At the end of my sessions, I feel the greatest benefit is the increased awareness that I have now of the power of my subconscious. Also the realization that I have the power to control things. I also feel equipped with the tools I need to practice and bring about change. Mukund has prepared me well. It is in my hands now to apply and practice what he has taught me. I do feel positive and know this can work.

Working with Mukund was interesting, enlightening, and a very useful experience. It was empowering to learn that I am the one who has the power to heal myself. This is not something I really understood previously. The wisdom of Ho'oponopono is a calming and loving technique.

The sessions allowed me to relax as well as allowed me to discover and share things that were long suppressed in my subconscious. Getting these things into the open is the first way to address them.  Mukund was patient, supportive, trustworthy, and generous with his time. He really wanted me to benefit from the sessions.

Blocks in Getting a Job - Sonal (Name Changed), Bangalore

Hello Mukund,

What was I looking for in therapy?

I faced heaviness in head, feelings of tiredness and was also going through personal challenges in marriage and job search. I approached Therapy session looking for clarity in life, and to live a happy and peaceful life irrespective of whatever happens outside me.

How did therapy helped me?

Mukund was willing to listen to whatever I was going through during the period of 7 sessions. This was irrespective of whether the life experiences were related or not related to the objective of the session. The objectives of session were never forced onto me.

Ample time was given for each session and I felt genuine support during these sessions. Body fatigue, heaviness and pains were addressed and I felt energetic and happy within few sessions. Mukund made me think by asking ‘what actions I  do in the real world to manifest the Job that I want?’. This was regarding my job and though there was no session separately done for the above mentioned intention, after him asking this and after two sessions, I manifested a high profile job with decent pay.

Thanking You for all the support.

Confidence for Public Speaking - Kiran (Name Changed), Bangalore

I had attended 3 sessions with Mukund to help me regain confidence. From a confident speaker, over the last few years I had lost confidence in public speaking. I got contacts about Mukund from some known sources. He discussed in detail with me the issue and the time since I was facing these challenges.

Mukund explained me the science behind hypnosis. There were sessions that took me back in time to help me understand the reasons behind the current inhibitions I was facing. He was detailed in these sessions and patiently took me through several years back in time. The sessions were meditative in a way.

I am happy with the sessions and experienced definite improvements and motivation in me. I would have to add that these sessions are not medicines to cure you immediately. A lot of it's success is on the individual who is going through the session and their willingness to be open for healing.

I wish Mukund all the best in his endeavor to support more people.

Blocks to Move Forward - Anisha (Name Changed), 23 yrs, Bangalore

Hello Mukund,

Thank you for the sessions. It really helped me in removing the blockage & moving forward. It was helpful, to vent emotions that were stored in my mind for a long time. I felt great relief and happiness with every session. It made me feel the exiting of all the negativity from within. It was an awesome feeling of relaxation for me after forgiving people, whom I carried in my mind (Unconsciously). Thanks a lot for the therapy, as it helped me in coping with the difficult situation that with ease.

I came there with a lot of tension and worries! I walked out becoming happier with each session.

Recursive Sadness - Meena (Name Changed), 18 yrs, Bangalore

I approached hypnotherapy and healing, to seek help in dealing with sadness. The Sadness would not allow me to study or have a peaceful lifestyle, on a day to day basis.

The issue was addressed with detailed explanation of each session. Along the course of the therapy, the causes of the sadness was determined in detailed. The core of the problem I approached was discovered too. There were several shifts that were experienced during the sessions. The sessions were very relaxing and thus, it was easy for me get rid of my anxiety.

Sessions allowed me to approach every issue with grounded reality. And the process experienced was very cathartic to release my sadness. This helped me resolve my exam anxiety. The session closed with a detailed goal setting for my future. This gave me confidence and clarity to move ahead in life.