The Power and Its Holder

No power without Power-holder… The Power-holder is Shiva…. Power is Shakti, the Great Mother of the Universe. There is no Shiva without Shakti, or Shakti without Shiva…

In the Hindu Mythology, it is a belief that the Universe is Cosmic Drama where Shiva is personification of Male energy and Shakthi personified as Female energy. 

The Shiva…

The male principle is identified with pure unmanifested consciousness. He represents bliss and is depicted as a formless being, deep in meditation. Shiva is the inactivated divine potential equal to pure consciousness, separated from its manifestations. He is sometimes seen as the “Destroyer” because, He is consciousness without form. It has to be understood in a deeper way that, He is  destroyer of the form, to reveal the pure consciousness within. Shiva is believed to have the strongest presence as Provider or the force at the beginning.

Mother Shakti…

The female counterpart to this inactive consciousness, is the life giver personifying creative consciousness of Life. She is the entire creation and mother of the universe. Shakti, in her creation of the world, is the inventor of maya, commonly thought of as illusion. Early in the Sanskrit language, maya had the meaning of magic, art, wisdom, and extraordinary power. Maya is the substance of the manifested universe, the reason of divine creation. Maya is a projection of consciousness, but not consciousness itself.

The root word shak means “to have power” or “to be able.” Shakti is the vital energy that gives power to the forming of life. It is through union with Shakti that the consciousness of Shiva can descend and take form in the universe (Shakti) with Divine Consciousness. Among mortals, the woman produces the child, but only with the man’s seed. So, too, Shakti produces the universe, but only with the “seed” of consciousness that comes from Shiva.

The Movement

Shiva Shakti

Each of these deities has a tendency to move toward the other. Shakti, as she pushes up from the Earth, is described as the “divine aspiration of the human soul,” while Shiva, descending from above, is the “irresistible attraction of divine grace” or manifestation.They exist in an eternal embrace and are constantly making love, neither able to exist without the other. Their eternal relationship creates both the phenomenal and spiritual worlds.

Shiva and Shakti reside within each one of us. We have only to practice certain principles to allow these forces to join together bringing us enlightenment from the veil of maya. When this occurs we will have, as the old meanings hint—art, wisdom, and the powers of creation within our very grasp. This will probably awaken the god within, we have Shiva and Shakti in us, all that we need to connect them to reach the Creator of all that is.

Manifesting your reality is a Science and it is beautiful, My Dear Friends!

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