The Seeds of Future in Past!

Past sows the seeds for Future…

Within each of you resides the events of your past. On an unconscious level, you store the memories of everything that has ever happened to you. This can include the events and experiences from your current life as well as those of previous incarnations.

When there are multiple programs opened in a computer, the processing of it becomes slower. In the same way, when there are unresolved and unaddressed issues in your lives, you become slow in your progress and also in existence itself.

Unresolved past continues to negatively influence your thoughts, behaviour and everyday life on an unconscious level. You may not understand why you feel or react as you do in certain situations.  You may wonder why the same unexplained symptoms or circumstances just keep repeating themselves in your lives.

How do we break it then …There is always a way

Anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, phobias, obsessions, addictions, relationship issues, low confidence, nightmares, repeating patterns or inexplicable, recurring physical pain are all ways in which unresolved links with the past comes to your conscious awareness in your daily lives.

Each of your unresolved issues can be always addressed with help of Regression Therapy. Your subconscious which is very powerful, captures every detail in every moment of your lives. A casual talk, sometimes reminds you the events of your childhood (but, same doesn’t happen in your exams).

You all have a hard disk which stores everything but, you don’t recall. Some events are traumatic and you do not want to remember them. Then, they create the patterns in your lives for you to become aware of some virus in the past. Regression Therapy involves revisiting the associated memories and experiences at the source of issues. Helping to heal and transform the unconscious influence on physical and emotional ailments, behavioural patterns and unexplained symptoms in a safe and structured way.

We Have Software Updates Too…

Unhelpful patterns can originate from early childhood, formative experiences, and correspond to experiences in present. Experiences you have make you believe in statement ‘history repeats itself’. When some memories are visited in trance (state of Hypnosis), it becomes cathartic and make us feel lighter.

Being able to re-experience and positively transform the related memory with wisdom, of an adult that, you are, is often easier and effective in present. Whether issues link back to childhood or sometimes even further in past, Regression Therapy can be one of the fastest and most effective ways to help you transform your life experiences.

It is just like various software updates available. Sometimes bugs exist in latest version, it has to be fixed! Some versions even have the imprints of the previous one. And, things only get developed but not redone. Or its even like an historic forts that had no electricity then and not even air-conditioner and literally every facility but yet the fort is same. We humans are same too…..!

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