Past Life Regression & Past Life Regression Therapy


The human soul is on its Journey from Law to Love, from Discipline to Liberation, from the Moral plane to the Spiritual.

- Rabindranath Tagore

We are spiritual beings on a physical journey. There are no limitations other than that we impose on ourselves. Mastery is within our power! If we wish it to be.

- Susan Barbara Apollon

The Past Life Enigma

Have you ever visited a place you've never been to before and seemed to recognize it? Or met someone and had an impression you already knew them? Have you ever started a new activity and taken to it as if it was second nature? Experiences such as these are often marveling as well as those that give a feel of  'De Ja Vu'. However, the possibility does exist that we have lived these experiences before, or rather, in another lifetime.

Though the existence of Past Life is one of the most debated topics by various religions as well as intellectuals. Past Lives as a topic is something that fails an attribute to be presented in black and white. But, there have been instances in a clinical and therapeutic setup where Past Life Regression is taken seriously and even cross-verified.

A Past Life Regression is not a parlor trick and has serious implications about how we live our lives. It is deep work on the subconscious template that often dictates our reactions to situations, people we choose to partner with and our physical health and habits.

All the proof of a pudding is in the eating and we are here provide the experience of the phenomenon of Past life. Most importantly, it is just that the phenomenon is named so as it was and is believed to be so. It is rather convincing to say that it is the mind's projection for YOU and for YOU to feel peace and heal.

As we experience the phenomenon, we continue to grow, change and become aware. And we evolve into something more wonderful and wise with the process. Past Life Regression is an important tool for us to understand what we (as a soul) have been becoming, and thus assist ourselves in moving forward on our path of creating conscious Bliss for ourselves.

(Past Life Regression, Bangalore)

What is Regression Therapy?

Who doesn't regress, everyone does! isn't it? Haven't you rejoiced for that which has already happened? Or have you regretted the action and thought, how it could have been done? When you watch your favorite movie, haven't you remembered the first time you watched it? Yes, indeed you have. We all dwell in the issues that have already happened to worry, and then become more anxious to not make the same mistake again. Passivity, feeling lost, and recursive patterns of "It's all my fault" have their causes rooted in Past.

Regression is discovering and reliving earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. Regression therapy is a method used to recover and relive the forgotten, ignored or repressed experiences that are bothering clients, Cathartically.

Those forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed or triggered persistent half-conscious beliefs now. Such programs (“character traits”) only change when understood of, how they were caused and why the patterns have been held on now. Finding and reliving undigested experiences unlocks emotions and bring insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences.

Clients may experience their birth or the prenatal time in the womb. Many experience what seem to be past lifetimes. Others trace their problems back to the influence of deceased family members or other presences (Which are Patterns). Sessions with mothers may heal babies. Spiritual experiences are not uncommon. Regression therapy thus is a  transpersonal psychotherapy.

(Past Life Regression, Bangalore)

Types of Regression Therapy...

  1. Regression therapy has effective results. It is a systematic approach to collect back lost parts of self. Regression therapy for the Modern memory of the mind would be Inner Child Therapy, and Age regression therapy. The interventions and aware understanding of an episode help the client relive, yet vent cathartically.
  2. Regression to the Primitive state of mind becomes Past Life therapy. Past life therapy is a specialized approach as it has an expanded spectrum as follows,
  • Discovering, Treating and Integrating disturbing past-life personalities.
  • Bio-Energetic work for any old residues of Past life as well as Current Life.
  • Interaction of the current life Inner Child with the Past life.

The holistic approach holds the past and present come together to resolve the trauma, pain, and charges that are carried. This ensures peace and awareness for the future,  and the ability to agree with life for what it is.

(Past Life Regression, Bangalore)

Results of Regression Therapy ...

Past Life Regression therapy

Regression therapists retrieve not only forgotten experiences to deactivate problematic repercussions but also to reactivate positive feelings, good memories and talents that have been lost. Results of regression therapy, like most other forms of Therapy, can be distinguished at 3 levels.

  • Mental Results: Clarity, mindfulness, self-knowledge, understanding people, liberation of limiting beliefs.
  • Emotional Results: Inner calm, self-acceptance, and self-confidence, restored empathy and positive emotions.
  • Somatic Results: Resolution of psychosomatic issues like low energy, tensions, hypersensitivities.

Regression therapy is not only effective but transforming. It is not fancy to undergo Past Life Regression Therapy! Rather it is a very powerful tool to resolve illogical happenings in life with valid logic.

(Past Life Regression, Bangalore)

When to seek Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)?

Past life regression becomes suitable in life when one fails to find the logic or rather feels happenings to be illogical. It is like having no clue for the effects experienced, without knowing no apparent cause. This perhaps encourages one for regression or past life therapy. Following are the Ten suitable motives for regression therapy and past-life therapy:

Past Life Regression PLRT*      Old anguish: Fear, Waves of Grief, Mountains of sorrow, maddening confusion. 
*      Being stuck. See no way out. 
*      Obesity and eating disorders.
*      Loneliness and desolation.
*      Inhibition. Feeling an outsider, a spectator.
*      Submissiveness. Lack of assertiveness. 
*      Being lost. Not knowing what way to take.
*      Physical complaints without medical cause or not responding to medical treatment.
*      Knowing the problem, knowing what has to be done. But nothing changes. This is an ineffective insight.
*      Relationship problems. Being entangled with somebody else. Efforts to disentangle are in vain.
*      Self-discovery!

Past-life therapy often helps where other forms of psychotherapy halt. The main motto of the PLRT would be,

  • To experience peace at a Soul level,
  • To become aware of the imprints and karmic lessons at a Mental level.
  • To resolve and release bio-energetic residues to feel life at a Body Level.
(Past Life Regression, Bangalore)


Belief in reincarnation is unnecessary. The therapy is based on experiences, not on a philosophy or belief system.


The Soul Structure ...

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