Secret Path of Great Men

How would it be if all are at peace and there is no war and no differences what so ever? Would it not be a joy if all faces you see are happy and at supreme bliss? How would it be if you have only one business on earth and that is to BE? Is that not what we all want? Is it not what we seek?

Of course Yes, that is what we all desire from deep within. That is what makes each of us come out and live life for. All we want at he end is,  JUST TO BE HAPPY
Simplest way to realise it is just by praying for what others need! And just allow others to BE AS THEY ARE and AS THEY WANT TO BE …

Secret Path of Great Men …

Great men always said, DHARMA is what you want Others to do to you! But in reality, for this to happen, the key is in YOU and Key is in Prosperity of others! Great Men never exemplified living a life for self, it has always been for others and what they have done for others has only come back to them in ABUNDANCE.

The need for prayer of universal peace is the need of the hour, because, creation lives with the supreme state of hope, compassion and belief but, there is also a sustainable amount of UNCERTAINTY on which we all thrive.

Even by being in agreement of what happens and how it happens, we live a life of hope against uncertainty. In the moments of truth we swim against the current to stick to the belief of HOPE. Yes, of course we need Hope but, not against the truths of reality in the nature. AND Reality only states the END.

Reality only states the END…

No matter how hard it is reality only makes us aware of the end and an expiry to anything that has been started or created. END exists in permanence and END exists by being available in Present state. It only states the Truth that, there is Nothing in anything that we seek just by thinking it to be everything. (Give it a Thought!) The Wisdom is in becoming aware of the truth that by seeking nothing, YOU have everything.

Why do we need Prayer for Universe?

Why Pray when the Truth seems simple, specific and very well-known to each of us? 
You and I need Prayer because, we deny the truth, we need it because, there is comfort in the reality that we have created (Apart from Universal creation!) We seek bliss in Ignorance rather than in the awareness. Finally because we want HOPE against Uncertainty.
Simply because we live in a world of Duality we need Hope, we need peace and we need Love. That’s why we need Prayers of Love for Universe.

We need prayers because, mother or father who leaves their house for work in the morning leave with the hope that they are back in the evening to cuddle and experience love with their Child. A Son or daughter who leaves their house to work live a life of hope to come back and derive joy being with their kith and kin. We are living a Life of hope being unsure of the circumstances that might come up, we strive hard to emerge out of them. Each of us live with the mirage of making our own lives better, to live our lives with betterment and then be well equipped for Retirement.

It is neither right nor wrong to live a life with security. But the very reason we are living in thoughts of security makes us vulnerable to uncertainty. Thus, we succeed in making our living a life for the inevitable, life with Fear and NO HOPE! We emerge out doing things to facilitate the inevitable and emerge out swimming against the current of TRUTH, which is END!

Why not follow the essence of BEING, as we are Rightfully called HUMAN BEINGS!

Yes, that’s why we need Prayers for each other. We need it for equal living, we need for peaceful living and we need it for Harmonious BEING. We need it for Actualising each of Our Lives to Realise the Infinite state of BEING. Life is only a constant choice between Doing and Being.

When we seek Being, we will actualise Everything to satiate the desires but, with respect and also trust to SURRENDER to it with Joy.  Soon to realise that there is nothing to seek and nothing to surrender.

Great men Lived and are living for the benefit of masses. They are with the efforts to make difference in at least one persons life every single day. And that is Surrender.

What we DO is a Choice,
But, how we choose to BE is the Eternal Essence of Humanity!

Love and Light to one and all!
Life is Beautiful My Friends, Have a Love Filled Life.

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