Myths and Realities of Hypnotherapy

Am I in CONTROL during Hypnotherapy?

A very frequent question asked in a session is, “Am I in Control?, Will I lose my Control?”. In reality, during hypnosis or in a session of Hypnotherapy, you are always in control. In fact, it is your choice whether you stay in trance or not. It is just like,  you enjoying a good book and then the phone rings, and now you have 2 choices, whether you put the book down and answer the phone or, you continue to reading the book.

In my personal experience, hypnotherapy is a state of deep, pleasant, relaxation. And, it is also an addictive state which gives a deep feeling of well being.

HypnotherapyCan I be Hypnotised?

Most people can be hypnotised if they choose to  relax. The more you are able to relax, the easier it is to enter into trance. Hypnotherapy is completely done at clients consent and willingness and not against will. This is a clinical procedure done with great concern, understanding the sensitivity of the issue.

According to the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH), it is estimated that 85% of people will respond at some level to clinical hypnotherapy. Some individuals are more likely to respond to hypnotherapy than others and having confidence in the technique helps. Believing change from hypnotherapy is possible if an individual is personally motivated to change.

It is important to recognise that it is not possible to hypnotise an individual against their will, and even if an individual is hypnotised, they can reject any suggestion that is not beneficial to them. Hypnotherapy is therefore natural and safe, with no harmful side effects. So, “If you want to, then YOU will allow yourself to be Cured.”

How does it Work?


Your Subconscious Mind  is a powerhouse of possibilities. It holds each and every file of your life safely for you to review and understand journey of life, with wisdom to progress ahead. Subconscious mind controls all involuntary functions of the body, as well as habits  that you reflex unconsciously.  It is fueled by your emotions, beliefs and imagination to direct your behaviours from within.

Subconscious mind also contains the memories of everything that has ever happened to you in this lifetime. Later it compares the happenings with similar experiences from the past, triggering similar emotions and reactions. These reactions and behaviours may have been helpful at the time, but can be limitations in the present and can prevent you from being able to create new reactions, in a more matured and evolved ways of responding to challenging situations in present.

You cannot consciously control what is coming from the subconscious mind. However, power of your subconscious is tapped in Hypnotherapy and revealed. Making you, very receptive to new ideas and suggestions. Receptivity created through hypnotherapy can encourage more sensible, balanced and helpful attitudes to reality, which overwrites the old unconscious habits and patterns of the past.

Will it Work for Me ?

Well, there is no way to know for sure, but that goes for other treatments and medications too. But you can rest assured that most people of normal intelligence are fully capable of taking part in this form of therapy. As long as you follow the simple instructions, be open and positive about the approach and process, you should become receptive to the suggestions and obtain improvement.

As with any treatment method, there is no magic bullet, nothing in this world works for 100% of those who use it, but that being said, this method has a very high success rate. And since it is completely safe, there is no worry about its effects. At the very least, it will do no harm, at minimum, you will find better sleep and be more relaxed in general, and for most, you will see improvement in your condition, and in many cases for many applications, elimination of symptoms.

Most people realise that this is going to help them, and that it is nothing scary at all. They realise that they have complete control at all times. We have many, many people who tell us they love their sessions and look forward to the peace and well-being they provide.

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