Mukunda Nayak

"When everything is Lost, its a beautiful opportunity to discover self. It is then, we help and value ourselves for who we are! We come in agreement with the dark and light side of our identity ...  " ~ Anonymous 

The Journey ...

The above lines resonate deep within me to express my journey, of pondering  "Why am I here, Where do I belong". Having studied in Sri Sathya Sai Institutions for 10 years, I carry fond memories of my journey with Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The holistic environment that was provided in my schooling, is a lasting contribution to my life. The 10 years spent there had me experience a blessed exposure to noble souls, my Teachers. They were simple, sincere and lived a life of passion to contribute their best to society by educating us for life rather than living.

The passion and sincerity experienced there, inspired me to come into the journey of healing. Though, I have a Masters and an Honours Degree in Commerce, but, I had my heart's calling for Healing!

Say it a blessing or destiny, due to series of events, I was attracted and drawn towards Subtleness of Human Mind. Soon I got associated with EKAA Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, which trained me with Regression work, Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, etc. Along the way I also got trained in Theta Healing, Reiki and Crystal Healing. I currently pursue the diploma program on  Transpersonal Regression Therapy from Tasso Institute. I am also pursuing the training for Systemic Theory and Practice of Family Constellation.

Journey as a healer and therapist, has been a saga of delight helping my clients, discover their quests in life. Empowering them to their potential and contributing to the consciousness as a whole is what i love. On a personal note, Healing journey of every client is a self discovery and an opportunity to connect to Divine for me. The humble learning for me has been to be available in hands of Universe to contribute, with Love and Joy!

It is a Blessing and my pleasure to have founded Thy Voice of Healing, Bangalore and be a part of it as a Healer & Therapist. Being available to help, guide and assist an individual for his/her journey of Self-Discovery, transformation and healing is the motto of the centre.

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