Mind, A Bundle of Thoughts!

What makes Mind is, Thoughts…

Mind is Bundle of Thoughts

Thoughts or Mind have no Universally accepted definition. Definition given by each individual can become a meaningful statement for each of us. It is difficult to even comprehend the capacity of the mind in rational terms. But, it is easier to conclude that Mind is Bundle of Thoughts.

Yes, indeed mind is bundle of thoughts, Everything starts from a Thought. There is no one way to define thought either, there is no moment in the day that is not enveloped by thought. Thoughts are neither good nor bad and thoughtlessness is a task achievable at a greater practice. But then, focused thoughts become a successful meditation!  There is another word that arises from the word thought that is Thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness nothing but being considerate. 

What is relation with thought and thoughtfulness? Why is it required? How will it Help us?

Being focused and engrossed in a particular thought is Thoughtfulness. So it is better to be thoughtful than being thoughtless! Because, thoughtfulness involves LOVE which is considerate. Being thoughtful is greater than being just focused on a thought just for the sake of Meditation. Thoughtfulness is meditation but not every sitting of Meditation is thoughtful but, its good to Meditate thoughtfully!

Thoughts control everything in our life! (When I say everything, I mean it with experience). Sanskrit Proverb  “Yad Bhaavam Tad Bhavathi” reiterates the statement by meaning that what we think (With feeling) becomes our reality.Thoughts create Emotions. And emotions affect our health in body. Thoughts even influence what we do and say to people. No matter what is the situation or circumstance, everything we do stems from thoughts.

There are actually three classes of thoughts we experience each day of our lives.

  1. Positive thoughts that keep us motivated and fulfil our day with gratitude.
  2. Action thoughts makes us act it out and also keeps us in a Planned zone.
  3. Worry thoughts take us nowhere but just bring us down like a slow poison by making us think of future which is filled with infinite possibilities.

If we succeed to bring productive thoughts and structure thoughts which gives us experience we wish to have, then we will make a great attempt to progress in our daily lives.

Structure the Thoughts – Effort it, to experience effortless!

There is nothing right or wrong but all that exisits is experience that, we wish to create for ourselves. And, that happens with our thoughts which are powerful enough to dictate what happens to us in reality. So we must structure them the way we wish to structure our lives…!

Easiest way to structure thoughts is by replacing that which is unpleasant with that which is pleasant. Sometimes Pleasant could be a memory or some action, but that will make things better because thoughts have energy to attract the content. A focused thought is worth the Focus you have conceived. Choose focus because, Manifestation of focus is in the Hocus Pocus!

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