The Matrix

The LIGHT, We Pursue & The DARK, We Refute!

How do we have, whatever we have?  What makes the creation of what we have here and now? How could someone imagine the marvels what Earth has today? From where does it come? What makes us have such amazing ideas, how do we conceive our reality?

Of course, we have made things that have been a creation of Mass Destruction oops, creation of Mass Development! (Sarcasm intended) Which are ground breaking and path breaking! In fact, few have literally been Ground breaking too! (Can’t believe all the statements ended with exclamation.)

Anyways coming to the reality, we indeed have created things that are really astounding to its true nature. Where were these before they came to light? definitely they were unknown and they were in the Dark, weren’t they?. Just to mention sentences like throw some light, came to light… etc. make it obvious of their preceding existence before they came to LIGHT, won’t they?

Then about Matrix …

It is humbling and also enlightening to know the possibilities and expansive space of knowledge we can tap into. It’s all there in the vastness of the universe. And I would like to call it as MATRIX.

When looked at the Space that exists, it is all Dark and waiting for the connect with light to experience Creation. As a gentle observation, creation happens only when Light and Dark meet. Unknown (Dark) remains latent and ever potent, Light makes it what it is in reality. But, at the same time, Light has no value without Darkness. What will you light without space (Darkness) to discover. Imagine Only light, it makes you close your eyes for darkness. Imagine Darkness, there is quest for light to KNOW! It is all about balance of Dark and Light. And the key is to not Judge one and Chase another. True creation happens in agreement of Both, doesn’t it?

For Example: A Photograph comes to reality from a Negative. It takes its form of precision and beauty, only with balance of brightness & Contrast, highlights & shadows a photograph becomes what it is. (Even here it takes Negative to Build a Positive! … Ironic as it gets!)

MATRIX, is that which holds everything, every knowledge, every secret, every wisdom, every lesson and every ANSWER for any question. In short it is cloud computing in run since the inception of Universe. It has been existing and has been in place of highest permanence.

What is Matrix ?

Some call the Matrix as time, some call it laws, some call it GOD, some call it Shakti, some call it formless, some call it consciousness. Whatever name is given, it remains as an eternal Evidence to its existence . It is ever present, it is ever waiting and it is always AVAILABLE!

So, should You be practicing something to connect to it?
Should you be a Wise one?
Should you be a learned one?
Does it demand sacrifice of your choices?
Are you expected to work hard to access it?

The barriers are as many as YOU create or have created between yourself and Matrix across time and space! The more you disbelieve, more further it goes. More questions you carry more time it takes to answer them.

So, What then?

The answer is to become aware of its availability. To become empty for the answers, to become present to the answers, to create a connect is to Trust the Matrix.  It is to become aware that you are part of the Matrix, to know that you carry Unknown(Darkness) in you too. It is to Love Dark as much as you wish to possess Light. To know that YOU are in The Matrix. To realise that there is no distance between you and Matrix, to uncover the sheets that you have put on the matrix across time and space. Thus, ultimately to realise that you and Matrix are one. And thus, realise You are the GOD of Your Matrix!


What does it take for you to manifest a reality that you want? What stops you from creating abundance that you desire? How to the bridge the gap  between imagination, needs, wants and Reality?

Manifestation  is Your Own Completeness
It is Your Own Consciousness

Everything boils down to Being complete and Being in Constant Integrated Awareness. Manifestation is to be aware of being in the Matrix. Thus, become aware of BEING The Matrix. Being in agreement with the fate You carry, being in purity of the moment, which is present in the reality, NOW. To honour the fate, and not deny it, to respect it and know that YOU are the reason for what is in your Matrix. Thus, realise you are the GOD of your Matrix. Because, you wished for it at some point in time.


There is knowledge and answers available in abundance. It is present as grace, and is ever present by its nature. Believe, realise and relish the MATRIX. Once you start, more you become a BEING, and sooner you realise that there is nothing to seek. Because, by seeking nothing you have everything, isn’t it?

Love and Light to one and all!
Life is Beautiful My Friends, Have a Love Filled Life.

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