On the journey of Awareness

Can you know everything? Can you gather all the knowledge? Will knowing awaken the experience? How much can you know? How do you really understand that you already know? Has human race experienced all that is known? Questions go on and on …. !

Joy with The Knowledge…

Information Overload Knowledge is really a pleasure isn’t it? As human beings, how curious are we to know? Throughout history we have seen, heard and read about people amassing knowledge. As an observation we see that, humanity has always been on a trip of researching, pondering, discovering and inventing. It has been a usual tendency to get excited about something new. Knowledge of something is so special to us than the understanding of self.

Anyways, let us question ourselves. Is there an end to the knowledge that has been amassed by human race. Do we really benefit out of the gathered knowledge alone? Is this knowledge sustainable, Does it come beyond our graves? 

I am not saying that Knowledge is useless it is of course a Joy. But I just feel it to be a double edged sword. Simply because we can’t get absorbed by the magnum of knowledge alone, can we? It does have a saturation and reflective point. Because, it is quite common to see people with very little knowing, having a happy, peaceful and loving life!

Bliss with The Awareness…

Awareness is defined as state of being conscious of something. It is also a sense “to sense” the subject without subjective interpretations. Simply it is to be present and focused without having any distortion in the mind.

Let us take this ahead. How many of us are really aware of the fact that we are “HUMAN BEINGS”. I do ‘know’ that we call ourselves Human Beings but mostly we are consumed in DOING things and forget BEING. Surprising isn’t it ? 

Awareness is everlasting and sustainable. Because, it is something one learns by being in agreement with the facts that are present. Awareness is knowledge, perception, reality, and beyond. Awareness is integrated and holistic, both at the same time. Because, awareness is being in complete integration. In fact when a state of complete integration is a state of pleasant awareness.

People who seek awareness are those who have nothing to debate or rather, they hold few beliefs to debate. Simply because When there is nothing to believe, Why argue. When one is sure of his state of being, when one is aware of his true self, when one is aware of his true Identity, there is nothing to probe and KNOW.

Integrity …

It is easy to stay in Constant integrated efforts to Know, but it is really an effort to begin Constant Integrated Awareness! Still, it is very simple thing to be aware. It is a choice to be in Constant Integrated Awareness, a choice that is transformative and deeply in resonance with well-being of everyone and everything.

The most commonly used Sanskrit phrase “Aham Brhamāsmi” meaning I am Brahma or Creator makes us all know that there is divinity in us. But, are we aware of the same and have we realised it? Have we experienced it just by knowing it?

There is always a lot to share but, I will now leave you with these thoughts. Knowledge is amassing and stockpiling information. Knowledge is as much as whole universe itself. Awareness is amassing Wisdom. We need wisdom to complete your journey as Human Being.  Knowledge is Dualistic, it survives on ‘either-or’ principle. Where as Awareness is Holistic and integrated it thrives on ‘both-and’ principle. 

For now, let me end this by quoting Karl Jung “That which comes to yours Awareness will not repeat as Fate”.

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