The Child within Us …

The Child in the Hood, The Childhood…

Childhood and growing up for some of us was relatively easy, for some it was a struggle, and for others it was a traumatic experience. We have been living life in a pattern where, as adults we react to the wounds in the same way as we did in childhood. That is the defence mechanisms we had adapted because of emotional wounds.

We have been looped into a chain reaction. Because, growing up years of our significant parent figures and role models have also been with their own struggles, emotional wounds, traumas and defence mechanisms. These  have formed a programming in us while growing up. This programming has been often dysfunctional and did not involve sustainable and healthy ways of growing into adulthood.

Many of our early internal belief patterns are based on what we have been told about the world and about ourselves.  As if this wasn’t enough, some recent additions to it are Television, Media, Cinemas and Internet adding to  experiences we observe around us as we grow up too.

In this way it is possible that information or experiences impact us in a Negative way would lead us into formulating certain beliefs. These may not necessarily be true but, can then, taint rest of our Life, if not DEALT with. And sometimes the beliefs and patterns that we inherit may be very serious. 

For Example: If our parents show us a lot of love at an early age, then it is easy for us to believe that we are loveable and worthy of good things. However…… If we are not shown any love or when we are made to feel that we are abandoned or when we are lacking attention, then we may grow up thinking a different ‘truth’ about ourselves.

Truth We don’t want anyone to Know…

Inner Child

Physical or Psychological abuse may hurt deeply at the time, but may be easily forgotten, Who wants to remember, right? Such experiences can also lead us to live lives where we actually believe that we are no good and stupid. In some cases, it may be that we only believe we are worthy of abusive partners or friends, and thus attract these into our lives, because we magnetize what we believe in our reality.

All These only reinforce harmful core beliefs or perspectives, and behaviour patterns which grow with us as part of our programming. And thus our scrambled minds causes us to abandon ourselves. We do things to harm ourselves with anger and shame.

We have dis-empowered, sabotaged, and lived life in chaos, because of the conditioning influenced by Environment, Society, Religion and Economy. This has created an “INNER CHILD” who is nothing but you, who needs an explanation and attention to make him/her understand what has happened. Unconsciously  we carry that child always with us, as it is us.

As a  child we are in deep connect to Subconscious and all that is learnt goes into the subconscious. But, unfortunately, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference from what is real or what is imagined or what should be perceived as truth.  But this can be changes and helped to “INNER CHILD THERAPY” in Hypnotherapy. More on that in the next article….

Thanks to Richa Suman Vyas for such a beautiful Poem on Inner Child.

The Poem simplifies the concept of Inner Child. The concept can be connected easily to the reality of our lives. Each of us have been through traumas and pains. It might have been for a greater good and learning, but then the trauma was real then, learning was later but the Pain was real.

The Inner Child Therapy

Having known The Child within Us,it is now useful to understand the ways you can address the issues and start Healing Your ‘Inner Child’. This is effectively done with Inner Child Therapy. Inner child work is in one way detective work. We have a mystery to solve. And then revisit it with Adult Ego and heal.  And all that the therapy seeks is ‘Awareness’. Because, “That which comes to Awareness, Will not Repeat as fate.”

Inner Children seek attention, recognition, nourishment love and justice. And not having ‘this’ is the reason it causes disruption with tantrums in reality or in life. When you choose to have a look at it with all the wisdom, love and acceptance as ADULTS, things become more clear, and we will stop behaving parataxicly in a distorted way.  That is because, Inner child comes into adults awareness.

Why have I have I been attracted to the the type of people that I have been in relationship with in my life? Why do I react in certain ways in certain situations? Where did my behavior patterns come from? Why do I sometimes feel so: helpless; lonely; desperate; scared; angry; suicidal; etc. Healing your Inner Child  could be in any area of life such as – money, relationships, work, family, love, self-image, self-worth, health – and often connect with each other.

Inner Child P2

How does Inner Child Therapy Work?

Hypnosis can regress right back to the very first time your Inner Child developed a self-limiting belief. And now, using your adult ego, in hypnosis you can develop a new understanding. This would give an expanded perception about the circumstances of the episode in childhood. Then, ’re-parent’ yourselves, reframing unhelpful beliefs and providing the positive regard that your “Inner Child” perhaps did not have at the time.

Adult does it with Love, No Judgements, Compassion and Concern. Then, integrates the child within in the state of trace. Inner Child Therapy allows, Self-empowering truths to take their natural place in your psyche. They get deeply rooted in your subconscious through Hypnosis ,which can then start to manifest into your everyday lives and everyday reality.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most pleasant and natural therapies available. Hypnosis in a therapeutic setup puts YOU in charge of your own mind and your outcomes. Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy are simple and safe processes which often results in powerful life-changing transformations. The Choice to transform remains with YOU!

There can be tons of content that can be written on Inner Child Work. And it will definitely come soon in the Blog with new awareness. For now this is an Insight …

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