The Healing You Seek!

What Is “HEALING”?

Healing is a spontaneous event that comes about through a kind of grace. It can happen anytime, and in any place. Healing may or may not happen in the context of a healing session. It may come about simply with a smile from a stranger, the breeze blowing through the trees, the song of a bird. Healing  just make us connect to wholeness of of our present happening.

Healing happens on different levels

Healing*Sometimes healing is not as you expect it to be. You need to be open to the gifts which life is always ready to give you. It may be like a physical problem,  which may also stay awhile to teach you something!

*Sometimes a health challenge is a doorway to a deeper healing, a cry from deep within for attention to some part of you that has been unloved and feels separated from the Whole.

Healing is on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, all levels are invariably touched by the process, and none can be separated out from the rest.

Origins from Middle English helen, Old English “Hǣlan” which means ‘Whole’. Healing is the process where one becomes ‘Whole and Complete’ in every way. Healing doesn’t mean returning to what one was before something went wrong.

Wholeness does not necessarily mean normal. And even the word recovery is problematic because, frankly, “ I don’t want what I had before. Who wants to go backwards anyway? ” Healing is where one lives in complete agreement of world, not functioning like one wants it to be. And It’s also about accepting and being completely who you are with whatever limitations you have.

But, When does it HAPPEN?

When we touch or interact with anyone, with an attitude of love, it is an act of healing. It, literally, is the return to love. Love nullifies negative thought patterns and replaces them with higher frequencies to get us to our wholeness. Being in the presence of a loving person, especially one that has a powerful intention to return you to your wholeness, will have wonderful and amazing effects on your well-being.

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