To Be or To Become!


The Greatest Paradox of a seeker is Just to BE without becoming that is, to not get entitled to anything. A logical sequence to reach any destination is to DO, ACT or BECOME. But a seeker sooner or later realizes that, he/she needs to just BE and let go of Doing. But, the million-dollar question is, How?

A Normal Paradigm for Anything to Unfold
Though, the sequence is logical, does BEING HAPPY need You to DO so much?

Someone once said “Being is Lost in Becoming …”! My predicament then was, I haven’t seen any of the Masters ‘NOT DOING’. Most of the Masters who have guided others towards peace have been the most buzzing characters in DOING many things than Just Being. This is a definite reality when we look out there in the world.

But then, it took me a while to decode ‘THE SECRET’. Being has only been lost in becoming, It is only LOST! So, the key to this paradox was to ‘ NOW FIND BEING, IN BECOMING’.

Finding Being in Becoming…

BEING is the most significant and addictive state of living. Being is a euphoric state of joy, love, happiness, wonderment, and most importantly BLISS. The magic of Being exists in the smaller things of the creation, it sustains its presence in anything and everything, it is in the smallest of the small and in the biggest of the big. We relish Being at the end of an act only to realise that it is completely free. All the states of Being are absolutely free, aren’t they?

Every act of becoming has, being hidden in it or rather existing in it! The being is lost when we separate the becoming from ourselves. It is lost when we stop enjoying the becoming. Being is lost in the buzz of the name and fame, it is lost in the journey to be seen and recognised.

The dose of addiction in BEING is a drug hidden in the sacred act of Becoming. Even a Butterfly enjoys the state of being because, one day, the caterpillar stopped eating, hung upside down from a twig and spun itself into a silky cocoon. And then, the caterpillar radically transformed itself, eventually emerging as a butterfly.”

The laws of Earth bind us to ACT. When we find the BEING in the act of BECOMING, there is a complete unison with the creation we create. For Creator, creation has been an ACT in which HE thrives only to sustain Himself in everything by expecting nothing but, Just by BEING everything.

Macro-Cosmos in the Micro-Cosmos…

Being is lost because we differentiate between ourselves and the Macro-Cosmos or Beings in the Universe. The beauty of the Creators Creation is, HE has put all that is in the Macro-Cosmos in the Micro-Cosmos or in the BODY.

Every frequency in the universe rests in the Body. So, when we differentiate being happy with an act of becoming (Which is a frequency), we unconsciously deny a part of us. Thus, we lose the integrated consciousness of wellbeing (Conscious Integrated Awareness) and in turn lose the joy or BEING-NESS that exists in the act of Becoming.


Answer to everything is to enjoy every act, enjoy becoming and finally to find GOD in everything. When an Act (Karma) is loved and performed with utmost Devotion (Bhakti) it becomes an act of BEING in unison with GOD Himself. The act no more is a Karma, it loses its degree of frequency of just being an Act and it becomes DHARMA, a rightful act by Divine Himself.

The more we differentiate the acts we perform more lost we are in the futility of the world. More engrossed we become in an act the more we experience the magnanimity of the Being within.

Peace, Love and Light!

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