Failures in The Journey of Success!

Fascination for Success …

Famous FailuresSuccess for many is a sense of “accomplishment” of a job. But, very few take it as an “OUTCOME” of an impermanent event in books of history. Success has become, more a fascination for the chemical gush in the body! Not many choose to embrace the Failures in life? Not Many consider setbacks as a learning experience, isn’t it?

All of us have failed in past, haven’t we? But, then we decline to accept the fact that failure is something that we all have to face. Failures have come as an infant toddler, a fall from a bicycle as a kid, mistakes in math in school. Not many started writing cursive without having ruff time, isn’t it?

YES, these failures have only led us for a greater success in life. It may be anything, we never came across success in it at our first attempt and proved ourselves genius, have we?


Failure is SuccessThe Journey to Success…

Great Indian Cricketing Legend, Master Blaster, Sir Sachin Tendulkar had to wait for 20 long years to kiss the World Cup. But, did that make him a failure? Thomas Alva Edison hadhundreds of failure to Discover a Bulb. Many in our history books have succeeded in their lives after enough failures in their journey.


Fear of failure will attract Success Later, but when we make peace with it, Success can’t resist from being in our lives. We often make failure as something that has to be ignored. But, why can’t it be PREPARATION for success. Failure leaves learnings, that make Success what it is. Sometimes most successful people have worst failures. Not many can even stand to dare or bear it.

Then What can be Action Plan…

  • Failure is only a Part of Life and agree with it.
  • Failure a Preparation to Success.
  • Going and failing will only make taste of success more delicious.
  • Past is never equal to future but, PRESENT is greater than both.

When we choose to be stuck in the vortex of failure, it is difficult for us to come out of it. Because, we chose it! There are several Services available to break patterns. Call it Therapy or healing its all working towards resolution. Make good use of it, better late than never.

They said it well …
“Failure is stepping Stone to Success” …….

“Every time You fail, its an Opportunity to Learn better”


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