Everything is Energy!

Everything is Energy! seen, unseen, felt, experienced, all that boils down to energy, frequency or a vibration. As quoted by Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” And what you vibrate with you attract!


Each and every thought that arises in your mind, gives rise to a kind of emotion subconsciously. Emotions are then radiated in your auric space. Because, emotions are Energies in Motion. Thus your aura is an magnetic energy field. It is worthwhile to know  “The Universe is responding to Your Vibrations ALWAYS”.

Like any magnet can repel and attract according to the energetic charge. We have all met people that seem to have a magnetic personality, people seem to naturally be drawn to these type of people without consciously understanding why. On the other hand there are people that are more likely to keep other people at a distance. These types of people do not find it so easy to connect to people.

Same happens to the energies that are around you in causal plane. You attract those energies which you carry in your thoughts. Thus the saying goes “What We Think, We Become”. SO,
1. Everything is ENERGY.
2. Like Attracts Like.
3. Focused energy would EXPAND the thought.


It is a possibility  that you can and you actually pick energies. Because we all are energy beings on this Mother Earth, who is dense with the energies from the creator.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you live in a Pool of Energies. You body is having its own  field of electro-magnetic energy. It houses the energy system, receives them and transmits energetic information too.

Our aura encounters and interacts with the energetic field of everything around it. Sometimes external energies can attach onto the aura due to resonance and negatively impact your health – this is when it becomes an INTRUSIVE energy.

You would have experienced occasions when you stand next to someone and notice a feeling which isn’t your own.  It comes in a very random way. It might have been a pleasant feeling or something which made you feel uncomfortable or anxious too. You energy field picks up on these kind of information all the time and showcase it as intuition.

However, when negative feelings from others, and often the thoughts that accompany them, stick around even after you have left that particular person, group or place. This becomes an indication of intrusive energy. 

We as Energies Beings…

You are Energy being on a Human Journey! Yes, indeed You are. We live as forms of energies, disagreeing with the fact of coexistence with other energies around. Sooner or later we have to face them, we have to acknowledge them and we have to co exist them. It is also worthwhile to be aware that, we have to live only with what is ours! Sometimes we make way for something else.

The Clearing Process is a simple release and check to see if the person has anything foreign, attached to his/her energy field and heal by releasing any attachments that don’t belong to him/her. Energies act as triggers for our past experiences in present. They are also blocks controlling the amount of wisdom flowing through our reality. They are Negative Forcing Functions acting like resistance into an electrical circuit.

Negative Forcing Function present in our aura, then continuously reinforces the energy blocks and cause cell community dysfunction and thus disease into our body, till these Negative Forcing Functions are removed. It is just like a Computer Virus that is removed, to make sure it does not speed down the processing or harm the computer. What consume the computer, controls the computer. In the same way, “WHAT CONSUMES YOUR MIND, CONTROLS YOUR LIFE”.

Simply everything is Energy!

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