Emotions and Their Motions!

The Energy In Motion

Emotion is a very powerful feeling that comes deep from subconscious. Emotions are generated from Thoughts. There is no moment in a day where you are not enveloped by thoughts. Thus, there is no moment in a day where we have no Emotions. Sometimes you may call Emotions as feelings, mood, sensations, responses, reactions and so on and so forth. But, ultimately these are nothing but emotions that are generated by thoughts. These are Energies in Motion!

Exhibition of Emotions….

Emotions serve a wide variety of purpose and in a way that is personal to each individual. These can be fleeting, persistent, powerful, complex, and even life-changing ones. Emotions can motivate to act in particular way and give you the tools and resources you need to interact meaningfully in our social worlds.

Thoughts create emotions. If a thought is to succeed then there is an emotion accordingly. Sometimes the emotion may be pleasantly structured and sometimes unpleasant. Sometimes means to reach a goal is considered and sometimes means are not even cared but only the end. But then, there is always a vehicle carrying results of your action and it is EMOTION!

Emotions - Energy in MotionIn a greater way they help us do many of the following things.

  1. Emotions can motivate You to take action.
  2. Emotions help You survive, thrive, and avoid danger.
  3. Emotions help You make decisions.
  4. Emotions allow other people to understand You.
  5. Emotions allow You to understand others.

Emotions often lead to coping activities. When you feel something, you consequently respond to that feeling. This can be both in the immediate (and often subconscious) response to the feeling and also in the more thoughtful handling of the aftermath.  A common response to the repression of unwanted emotions is displacement, where you act out our frustration in other ways. Thus, a reprimanded child, knowing it cannot answer back, may go and ‘Punish’ its toys.

Reflections …

So, Emotions are reflections of thoughts and not anything else. If thoughts are controlled emotions automatically change. Its a chain reaction, where thoughts would change emotions and even more. And, Emotions are nothing but Energy in motion. A particular emotion will only create more and more opportunity or situations to manifest similar things relating to emotion. For example, Person going to a teacher with fear in heart, which is nothing but an emotion, would create an opportunity for teacher to sense the fear energetically and act in a way to make him more scared.

Yes it is sometimes tuff to believe, but then You experiment, and experience! Then you will come in consent with this. We create our reality by thoughts and emotions. What is easier to handle ? Thoughts are Emotions ? I would leave that to you. Peace, Love and Regards!

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