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Things to Keep in Mind before Booking a Session

*  Therapy & Healing Sessions are conducted with Prior Appointment Only. Usually slots are booked for few days ahead.

Due to Therapy Sessions, it may not be possible to return calls. If  your call goes unanswered, please leave a message via Watsapp, SMS, or E-mail (Best way to contact would be via Watsapp or E-mail).

*  It is essential that the person seeking the therapy makes the movement to book an appointment for Sessions. Sessions are not booked if, contacted by the clients relative or friend or family members.

We would like to maintain a quiet space and privacy for healing. Hence we do NOT encourage unsolicited walk-in or casual visits to the office. Please check with us about our availability before visiting to our offices, even if it is for a few minutes.

*  If the Client is younger that 18 years of age then, the Parents or the Legal Guardians can request for the session.

*  The Therapist at Thy Voice of Healing reserve the right to decline working with a client if the client is,

    - Seeming to be unsuitable for Therapy yet!
    - Being compelled by someone else for Therapy.
    - Not completely willing or interested in signing up for Therapy.

(Thy Voice of Healing, Bangalore)

Our Charges

Rs. 2500/- for a Session of 2 Hours
(For a Personal Healing Session)

(Thy Voice of Healing, Bangalore)

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q1. How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need?

This will depend upon your individual circumstances. This will be discussed by therapist in the first session. Depending on the issues you want to address hypnotherapy can often be a relatively short process. Some reach resolution in 1-2 sessions and some need more that 10. On an average 5-6 sessions is needed to see the shifts in life. A lot depends on you as to how open you are for the process of healing, and commit yourself for the efforts.

Q2. How long is a session?

An individual session will usually take 1.5 Hours to 2 Hours. In some cases it may take longer time.

Q3. What happens at the first session?

It is possible that you will feel quite apprehensive about meeting your therapist for the first time – we at Thy Voice of Healing understand this and do our best to put you at ease. Perhaps Your goals and motives for seeking therapy is discussed to understand your Presenting issue. Contract for further sessions are decided as well. Later, in the first session we will share the practical information you need to know about the therapy you have chosen.

Q4. What is the mode of payment?

You can pay us either by cash or online bank transfers.

Q5. How often will I see my therapist?

This is again decided with the therapist. It may be once a week but this is flexible for example you may meet once a week initially and then decide together that you want to meet more or less frequently depending on how you feel.

Q6. What type of of Healing do I need? 

Yes, There are different healing modalities shared here on website. However, after listening to your issue we would mutually work out what would most benefit you, based on your need and our experience. We may use a combination of different techniques.

Q7. I do not Live in Bangalore, How do I go about Healing? 

For outstation clients, we book 2-3 days. A set of session are conducted to address issues, and then you may go back to observe the changes and experience your shifts. Later a review session could be booked or you may come later to address other issues.

If there are therapists available where you stay, then we would refer you to them, if you choose to do so.

Q8. Is it confidential?

Yes, it is important that you can feel that you can talk about things in complete confidence. We as Therapists will not talk about you with others and abide to complete confidentiality.We will explain the clauses of confidentiality to you in the first session.

(The only time the confidentiality might breach would be in situations where, by keeping a confidence it could cause significant harm to you, your therapist or another person – Example if your life is at risk.)

Note: Hypnotherapists generally have a Supervisor and it is very likely that they will talk about your case (Without disclosing your identity). This is to ensure they offer you the best possible service – a similar process to a doctor discussing your medical notes with a specialist.

Q9. Is there any age limit? Can I Book a session for a family member?

  • Anyone over the age of 18 years can choose to see a therapist. If you are a minor you may need the permission of a parent or guardian and you should talk to your therapist about this. There is no upper age limit.
  • We recommend the client to book a session. Friend or a family member or a relative booking a session is not entertained. Client seeking the session should call and speak to the therapist before the session.
(Thy Voice of Healing, Bangalore)