3 Dots that Connected My Life


“Life is a progressive journey sometimes lived with a regressive mindset”. I was living my life this way. Despite having high hopes and dreams for my life, I lacked the ability to believe in future. I kept building my future based on my past. Therefore, unconsciously I was scripting my life exactly the same way it had been. Yet, it made sense when I started connecting dots. I write this as an attempt to share how it was all about connecting dots for me.

1. Harder The Choice, Better The Wonder 

Life is mysterious and yet a beautiful experience. There is happiness, love, grace and also moments of deep spiral. Strange as it may sound, best of the transformations are hidden in the darkest of the moments experienced. This definitely sounds harsh but that’s the way of life. We cannot always make life a bed of rose without getting pricked by thorns.

Previously I usually made my choices with firm ground. I enjoyed my zone of comfort, it made me feel safe and it also gave me a clear picture of what I was getting into. I used to wait for right expertise and exposure to surface before I executed my ideas. But then, I realised that things never really happened as per my plan. This made me more a thinker and not a doer! It is only now that I realise the value of jumping into the ideas and involving in it.

Innumerable examples are lived with the philosophy of hard work. Hard work doesn’t mean making things difficult, neither does it mean we forget smart work. All it means is to give more than 100% of our efforts. It is putting passion into action. It is making ideas happen and not keep ideas lay dormant in mind. This being a premise hard work is actually enjoyable.

Life is enjoyed the most by making hard choices. Hard choices are like stepping into the raging sea. The sea has long been for humanity a source of chaos and fear of the unknown. Not only are we afraid of what might be lurking in the depths, but we are exponentially more vulnerable in water compared to on land. But when we overcome the chaos and fear we make wonders happen. We sail over the the turbulent sea.

Facing this dot in my life taught me how to make choices that are hard yet, filled with visions of contribution.

2. First Will and Then Focus

Before I speak about will and focus let me share some insights on SKILLS. A Skill is like a seed. They are potent with life but their journey into a plant depends on various other facts. Seeds come with an expiry date. If they aren’t germinated in time they just dry out and become dust.

When we consider skill as a seed then ‘Will’ becomes that fertile and adequately moist soil. Soil keeps the seed moist and thus helps it in germination. Without soil there is no germination nor a space for plant to grip itself with its roots. But still, for all this to happen we need Sun. ‘Focus’ is the generous dose of sunlight for the sapling to grow and grow big. A seed’s purpose is fulfilled by its union with soil and sun. In the same way a Skill without will and focus is not only useless but also a great loss.

We need to do what we ‘will’ because that’s the only way we can contribute. I was not only shy but also very poor at ‘willing’ my plans. It took me a while to understand the power of Will. Will is not just an attribute but it is mostly a cultivated behaviour. Infertile soil can be made fertile by adding necessary manure and by following a structured process but then, it takes time. We need to be patient.

Then comes focus. We need to focus on what we ‘will’ because that’s the only way we can grow. Focus is that energy which makes everything meaningful. Focus brings out the best, it heals, it informs and it makes us grow. If will is passion then focus is the drive to pursue that passion. Hard choices with fertile will and focus builds a beautiful purpose.

Understanding this dot taught me the importance of Willpower, Focus and gave me an approach for purpose.

3. That Which is Natural for You is Your Nature

While growing up it was hard for me understand what I was skilled with. I mostly was a boy who loathed in self-pity, complained his under confidence and lived as a perpetual victim. But then, Life brings in several instances for us to grow and I was lucky to have few of them in mine. When I was in quest to know what I really am, life in its benevolence graced me time and opportunity to discover myself. This was the beginning of what I call Abundance in my life.

Yes, new age philosophy about abundance is a strange phenomenon. Every individual has a story to share about how he or she attracted abundance in life. This is my story! And this is how I progressed towards it and probably still progressing. 

In my opinion we do not attract abundance. We live in abundance, in fact we thrive in it. Everything that is around us is blessed with abundance. Some prominent ones are air, water, sunlight, space, earth, nature. And some strange ones are happiness, sadness, anger, pain, pleasure, grief and the list goes on.

How did abundance payout in my life? Here we go. Life made me a constant learner. I was blessed to learn several arts of life. It started with cooking, then I trained myself with better handwriting, I sketched for a while, I read books, I learnt to work on few software packages, I picked up photography, I became a teacher, I trained to be a Hypnotherapist, I got trained into Transpersonal Regression Therapy and much more.

This made me understand that learning is natural for me. This is my nature. Blessed as I can get sharing that which is learnt came naturally as well. So, I can call myself a Teacher who loves to Learn. This is abundance, this is my zone to be in connect with my purpose and be happy. This is my abundance story without a full stop.

I am sure you will find your nature which is natural for you. Life is anyways about discoveries.


All that happens in life is for our own good. It is sometimes difficult to cope with changes that are presented to us but then, they leave a dot or an imprint on our minds and in our life. We may call it by different names. Lessons, learnings, memories or sometimes an experience. Whatever names we assign they still hold a sequence for us in our life. This is how life led me into connecting dots of my life.

A silent introspection is what makes it clear. Connecting Dots for each individual holds different magnitude and different gravity. It is necessary to understand them and connect them patiently. Once the dots are connected they give us a stable structure to progress on the path of life.

I wish happy time for you in connecting dots.

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