Cloud Computing of Human Consciousness!

The Consciousness …

The word conscience, roots itself from Latin word – conscientia which means “Knowledge Within Oneself” and then got adopted in France – conscience. When translated into English as “ Consciousness ” or “conscience”  or even “perception”or “awareness”.

Collective conscious or collective conscience is the set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. The term was coined by the French sociologist Émile Durkheim. For him, it is “collective” simply in the sense that, it is common to many individuals. Society exists because unique individuals feel a sense of solidarity with each other. This is why we can form collectively and work together to achieve community and functional needs.

But, What is This?

Attitudes, beliefs, experiences, journey of life and so on, compile a strong individual consciousness in each one of us. This can easily be considered as an individual computer without an internet connection which has its own algorithm. Apart from this there is also a collective consciousness. This can be looked at as a sort of invisible field that surrounds the individuals, society, nation and whole planet itself. In which all gathered knowledge is available. Its a Cloud Computing of Human Consciousness.


Cloud of collective consciousness is extremely powerful. There are several related theories and strokes of wisdom that have been developed. But those can be discussed some other day.  Power of cloud is experienced in Regression and Therapy for instance.

If we succeed to channel a focused part of our consciousness towards this cloud, then we will even succeed in tapping into the wisdom of eternal, and the voice of Supreme consciousness. It is this cloud from where ancient Rishis from India succeeded to tap in to get Vedas (Voice of God). It is from here they gained wisdom to reach Creator and realise self, its from this each of us even have an unanimous thought or feeling patterns in society.

Durkheim did coin the term but, this is very fundamental knowledge he has shared to this world. Because, possibilities of The Cloud is infinite. Its because of this invisible cloud we all feel and protest for a cause or we feel the pain of an individual that is suffering. Yes of course its all hypothetical, but, END OF SCIENCE IS NOT TO PROVE A THEORY, BUT TO IMPROVE MANKIND.

And if we consider this to be knowledge then, End of Knowledge is WISDOM and End of Wisdom is FREEDOM. Animals have strong collective consciousness and this explains how they instinctively can do things that they consciously have never learnt.

May it be Ants, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Monkeys and list goes on. Nature is Best Teacher and if we succeed to follow nature then we can inch ourselves towards path of divinity. This is an endless topic to discuss and write on. Will definitely write more on this soon …

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