Being in Agreement with FATHER …

Father …

Father is person who is instrumental for Our Birth. It is by his seed we are born and it is by him we become a Man or a Woman. When a Mother nourishes, showers love and protects us with Love. Father  provides, architects your life, and holds a place with Love too to lead you to your Life.

Mother comes first and father next because it is Mother who shows us Who our father is. Then they both deserve a place of GOD whether we agree with it or not. What ever the reality is, the Truth remains that they are Life givers for each of us.

Being in Agreement with Father …

Healing the relationship with our Fathers is necessary for our wellbeing. We unconsciously always remain Loyal to him. We mirror him or copy him to great extent, because he was the one who provided our mother and opportunity to have us. HE was the one who was emotionally present to what ever extent in our Mother’s Life. Happy young father with his son studying

We all want to be successful and be happy. If mother is Love father is Life. And, to have a Love filled Life, Both are necessary. Love to lead, Life to build and thus we have a Life with Love. Are we in agreement with our Fathers? We agree or not, we unconsciously carry the pattern of our father! We remain Loyal to him till we agree with him for what he is.

How often do you remind your mother, of your father or vice versa! As a  child we will attempt to energetically support an emotionally struggling parent. A child may also step energetically between their mother and father to act as a buffer or mediator when there are relationship issues between the parents. We are LOYAL to our parents always.

Where are YOU ?

Healing first comes as acceptance and then leads us to Agreement! We accept and then slowly open the doors to Agree. What ever our Father is, We belong to him, we belong to his race, we have our life because of him. Life is a choice between where we are and what we want to become. Being in Agreement with who brought us on earth is critical, isn’t it?

I would leave you Here! For you to choose to be in Agreement with Exactly for what Your Father is… To Structure LIFE!
Life is beautiful My Dear Friends, Have a Great Day.

My Deepest Gratitude to Bert Hellinger for the Knowledge of Family Constellation

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