Being in Agreement with MOTHER …

Mother …

Mother is from whom we are and Mother is what we are! She is not just pillar of the life but, the source for life  itself. Gift of life is gifted by God, but bestowed by Mother. She is everyones universe before  the “9 months” and after that too. Mother Nurtures, nourishes, shields each of our life with the sacred essence of LOVE. Mother is beyond and mother is within. “Amma”, “Aayi”, “Mom”, “Maa”is a feeling and a call of love and not, just a word.

God is unseen but powerful, where as Mother is evidence of God or rather DIVINITY itself. Divinity is felt, and haven’t You experienced that feeling  with your Mother? WE all have mothers and we all are there because of our Mothers.

Being in Agreement with Mother…

MotherAre we in agreement with our Mothers? We are in fact afraid of our Mothers, we are afraid of their greatness. There greatness is overwhelming, touching and Sacred. But then, The spirit within each of us, yearns for Mother because, Mother is Love and Spirit yearns to experience Love of Her.

Life is a Journey from Love, Lived for Love, and every minute seeking Love! The journey begins with the embodiment of Love that is Mother. Love is experienced first with mother, it is felt, it is processed and IT IS …. Even if one doesn’t perceive!

It is a contract of love from which a mother chooses to give birth to her child. She is aware of the greatness she holds subconsciously, and the greatness for her, is YOU. Mother chooses to be present for the child with a choice, doesn’t she? She is in AGREEMENT of having conceived you, and she is in AGREEMENT of providing you a LIFE.

Mother is embodiment of Great Divine Force. Our Mother and Father came together as man and woman in their love, to bestow us the GIFT OF LIFE. Their passion was a divine movement of  GOD, to Gift you Life! And, thus our mother became pregnant with us. From that moment she was never free, She was in “Service of Life” by risking her own Life! It was her choosing to be in service of our life.

Where are you ?

Now, Are you in AGREEMENT with her ? WE all accept our mothers but, little we are in AGREEMENT. “I accept for what you are but, I need not agree with YOU”. What a loss if we choose to only accept the LOVE but not be in agreement with the Source. Would that be being in disagreement with LIFE itself?

I would leave you Here! For you to choose to be in Agreement with Exactly for what Your Mother is… To Experience LIFE!
Life is beautiful My Dear Friends, Have a Great Day.

My Deepest Gratitude to Bert Hellinger for the Knowledge of Family Constellation

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