Acceptance Vs Agreement

What is Acceptance ?


The word Acceptance means “Willingness to tolerate a difficult situation“. Sometimes it also means “Being in consent with a belief or a particular explanation”. Acceptance occurs despite all the odds that are present in a situation. IF there were an option for a different outcome then, you would choose the favourable one. But, as there is no option for a different outcome, you ACCEPT! Acceptance happens with No Choice available. It is tolerance and forbearance of a fact in a particular situation. It is a Weight that is carried despite its results. Acceptance is by Force of many factors of THINKING.

What is Agreement ?

The word Agreement means “Being in harmony or in accordance with an opinion or feeling”. And it also means “The absence of Incompatibility between two things” Or rather it is Consistency. Agreement seeks harmony and peace in a given situation. It chooses to be at joy despite the outcome going other way! Agreement chooses no Options or Choice. But, it Agrees with either. Agreement is a movement from WITHIN, it is a from the source within. It is an act of Unison, a choice of movement and a journey seeking consensus and harmony. Agreement happens deep from The Heart by FEELING.

Agreement OR Acceptance …


Acceptance is an opportunity that comes with those you disagree. It is almost like staying away from a situation out of no initiative to fix it. Agreement on the other hand comes with sense of calm and love. One agrees with a situation because he/she wants to contribute in it. Acceptance happens to of compulsion but then, Agreement happens with Love and freedom of choice.

Most of the time you accept with a particular behaviour, feature or the way it is. Just because you accept you don’t mean to Agree with it, isn’t it? But then, a part of you is on denial with that behaviour, feature or the way! You choose to stay quite and live with it. Acceptance is Just the TRUTH in the situation.

Very few times you choose to Agree, and when you agree you mean it! And agreement allows you to grow and be free. Sometimes its all about Truth and Grace that you need to Grow. Agreement is Grace to accept the truth to reach Harmony.

Of course we can not always agree, but then choose to accept the situation at least. Sooner or later the doors open for Agreement. You see, when you accept something that someone says, you are NOT telling them that you agree. You are only telling them that you accept the fact that their opinion is different than yours. Acceptance is not a defeat, but then Agreement gives you an opportunity to Own what you did and mean what you say!

Choose it by feel, both are needed, but agreement leads you to wisdom, but acceptance to an experience! Life is Beautiful My Dear Friends, Have a Great Day!

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