You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.” 
- Wayne Dyer

Life is a saga filled with choices and consequences. Sometimes we live consequences by being unaware of the choices we make. This overtime becomes our pattern. So, it is then wiser to lead ourselves into quests and attempts of creating pearls of conscious wisdom. It is a good reminder that what we don't repair, repeats.


Welcome to Thy Voice of Healing Wellness Centre, 

Thy Voice of Healing is a Centre for Your Wellness & Transformation, So, Thank you! for making yourself important to you and joining us with your quest to be heard, to heal, to transform and to empower yourself. Our Centre has been founded keeping in mind to give the best of the Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Regression Therapy, and Other Healing services. But then ultimately, everything is Love and Listening! We believe healing happens naturally when You are heard.

Now, let us just introspect. Each of us have been through ...

  • Instances of Ecstasy, followed by a cloud of Woe,
  • Moments showered with Love, and some tested with Indifference,
  • Times blessed with Abundance, and later frustrated by Paucity,
  • Situations with Absolute clarity and some with clueless horror.

Yes, with this life seems huge, frighteningly uncertain and challengingly questionable. But yet, we all have experienced these moments in our lives. And more importantly, we have held on to ourselves and come out strong either by fighting them or sometimes by breeding them! 

In this process a continuous and a noteworthy "Why?" runs in all our minds. It seeks some sort of illumination. Interestingly, it often takes months, years or, even lifetimes to get an answer to this "Why?". For sure, there is a logical answer to all our endless quests in Life. To just make things simple all answers are truly within us. It is the voice in our Minds.

Sometimes, we just lose touch with The Voice within each one of us. The Voice which is constantly present with its virtues of being impressively potent, divinely pure and radiantly clear. Here at Thy Voice of Healing, we hold a space for you to discover and reconnect to that voice, The Voice which is The Healer present in you.

As a Centre for Your Wellness and Transformation, we wish to contribute to creating Peace, Love, Joy, Freedom and Abundance by helping You and many to reconnect to the healer within. We believe that each one of us carries the key to our happiness. So, more the keys discovered, more the love, peace, joy, freedom and abundance on earth!

Love & Light, Thy Voice of Healing Wellness Centre.                                                                                       

To Transform Yourself, to be Your best Self ...