“If Prayer is you talking to God, then Intuition is God talking to You.” 
-Wayne Dyer

.... Life is a journey starting from Unconscious bliss, later leading to quest and attempts of creating a Conscious Wisdom.


Welcome to Thy Voice of Healing Wellness Centre, 

Thy Voice of Healing is a Centre for Your Wellness & Transformation, Thank you! for joining us with your quest to Heal, Transform and Empower yourself. Our Centre has been created keeping in mind to give the best of the Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Regression Therapy and other Healing services. But then ultimately, everything is Love, Help and Hope!

Each of us have been through...
  • Instances of Ecstasy, followed by a cloud of Woe,
  • Moments showered with Love, and some tested with Indifference,
  • Times blessed with Abundance, and later frustrated by Paucity,
  • Situations with Absolute clarity and some with clueless horror.

Yes, with these life seems Huge, frighteningly Uncertain, challengingly Questionable. But yet, we all have experienced these moments in our Lives. We have held on to ourselves and come out strong either by fighting them or sometimes by breeding them! 

In this process a continuous and a noteworthy "Why?" runs in all our minds seeking some sort of illumination. It often takes months, years or, life times to get an answer to it. But then, there is a Logical answer to all our endless quests in Life. That is within us, The Voice in our own Subconscious Mind.

The Voice within each one of us, is constantly present with its virtues of being impressively potent, divinely pure, radiantly clear and patiently routing our lives onto a map to build us a Happy life. Here at Thy Voice of Healing, we hold a space to facilitate and unleash The Healer present in you.

Thus, as A Centre for Your Wellness and Transformation, and we wish to  contribute in creating Peace, Love, Joy, Freedom and Abundance. We believe that, each on of us carry the key to our happiness. So, more the keys discovered, more the peace, love, joy, freedom and abundance on earth!

To Transform Yourself, to be Your best Self ...